Firstly decide if you want a 2-Axis or 3-Axis?
A 3-Axis model could cost over twice as much as a 2-Axis but is definitely worth the money. The additional axis allows for so much more creativity and control. It’s likely you will be using the gimbal for sports, quick movements, and on-the-go shots. With so many variables when shooting you will be glad to have the extra stabilisation. If your budget allows it, opt for a 3-Axis.

best gimbal for iPhone

2 Best iPhone 3-axis Gimbals
Feiyu SPG C - This is an incredibly popular, It works with most Smartphones (including Samsung galaxy S) and is compatible with: iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus.

Main Features:
- Gesture Control System
- High Quality Brushless Motors
- Pre Tuned Gimbal Control
- Plug and Play Operation

Set up takes a couple of minutes, pretty simple and then your off shooting. The brushless motor provides 3-Axis stabilisation, pan, tilt and roll. The gesture control system means the camera follows pans and tilt motions of your wrist. Battery life is about 80 minutes but from testing id say it last longer and there is a little indicator that lets you know when its low. You can get one for under $120.

Zhiyun-Tech Smooth 3 - Another very popular and well reviewed gimbal, this is the upgrade from the “Zhiyun Smooth’ which can be used with most smartphones or iPhone that are 2.2–3.2″ in width.

Main Features:
- 5 way joystick
- 5 hour battery life
- Option for wireless control
- 1/4 screw thread at the bottom (for mounting on tripods, extension rods etc.)

Quick to set up, easy thumb controls on the joystick for switching modes and a long battery life. They also offer a larger version for mirrorless cameras. Price is around $330.

Personally i would go with the Zhiyun Smooth-Q, it truly is an amazing little device and its popularity proves this. The brand makes incredibly high-quality pieces of equipment and still beat most of their competitors on price. The set up is fast and easy, you can literally be filming in minutes.